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INOMO. Form redefined means to formulate a unique, new take on furniture and living space.

About Inomo

INOMO proudly presents its first ready-to- purchase collection, developed along the principles of innovation, originality and endurance that INOMO Studio has been known for.

Having 40 years of experience in tailor-made fiberglass design, product care and advanced production techniques, INOMO is more than just a retail manufacturer.

We make the expertise of tailor-made production available to you, today.

Why Fiberglass

FRP has been selected as INOMOs primary and exclusive material thanks to its malleable qualities.

Resistant to water, sun and light, enduring and high-end, fiberglass is an ideally versatile material to implement advanced parametric design with, as it transforms into liquid forms efficiently, outperforming other competitive materials like acrylic and wood.

Its unique physical properties allow it to be easily molded and manufactured to meet almost any specification, thus counts as one of the most favored material choice of most architects and designers.


INOMO Studio stands for bespoke furniture and design solutions out of the ordinary. We provide, together with a team of collaborating architects, interior planners and product designers, solutions for your private and corporate space from the initial ideal to the final, tailor-made production.

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Our Latest News

inomo cycladic design

Cycladic Greece the natural habitat of INOMO

Few days ago we were honoured to invited by SBC Channel, to talk about the concept of INOMO and how the tradition of fiberglass manufacturing know-how can be transformed into a new design paradigm.

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