At INOMO we believe that Clubs are the proving grounds of creativity, since they offer the chance for multidimensional experimentation with music, technology, design and even identity. They serve as blank pages where architectural innovation should strive. Night clubs are not just meeting points.The launch of this bench resulted from our desire to create a concrete seating instrument for Night Clubs and Public spaces to facilitate the communication among people. Taking into consideration the prerequisites for qualitative interaction, we concluded to a design, which combines both comfort and aesthetic satisfaction.

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Onyx Bench


A collection designed by Michael Raymond for INOMO inspired by the  the built Bullring in Birmingham (designed by Amanda Levete) and the organic form of the building really caught his eye, inside and out. Michael had always wanted to design a very social piece of furniture that would bring people together so he began experimenting with clay models and then computer based nurbs modelling, which is a curved based modelling philosophy. After months of design iterations and using accurate anthropometric data he finally came up with the form of Onyx Bench.Comfortable seats in a circular arrangement invite up to 7 people to socialise face to face and the design of the outer edge enables many more to lean and relax standing up.Intriguing and efficient, high-end but user-oriented, the ONYX bench is the archetypal proposal for nightclubs but also practical for all public areas such as museums,universities,parks e.t.c.