A collection designed by George Drakakis inspired by monumental shapes that defined beauty and form. Four pieces, “Nike; the Winged Victory”, “Fragments”, “Trojan Horse” and “Deadalous” have been designed along minimal lines to accommodate modern indoor and outdoor living.
Sourcing inspiration from ancient Greek archetypical forms and concepts, George Drakakis deployed advanced GRP design to create furniture with sculptural sophistication made of innovative fibre-reinforced material.
Eternal forms, re-made for the future.
Discover Modern Takes, INOMOs first ready-to-purchase collection.

The Modern Takes Collection

George Drakakis

George Drakakis is an architect based in Thessaloniki, Greece. He designs projects at the border between art and design. His inspiration is a mixture of every-day life events, feelings, emotions, music, visual arts, math and science. As founder of ICONPOETRY Studio, he solves problems through design processes following one simple rule: Form follows satisfaction. George Drakakis has been awarded Gold and Bronze at A’design Award & Competition.

The collection URBAN BENCHES has been awarded Gold at A’design Award & Competition.