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Our dedicated team of product Designers and Planners helps you select the best furniture for your Glamping Concept and offer you unlimited possibilities of Custom Creations for Unique Corners either you are a Camping Owner or an existing Hotelier looking to capitalize on this trend. From Fiberglass Bubble Domes to modular furniture equipment. Our Design Team will guide and advise you to meet your requirements and bring in life a Dreamy Glamping project.

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Fiberglass has unique physical properties which allow it to be easily molded and manufactured to meet almost any specification. It is malleable and has endure qualities. Resistant to water, sun and light, but also more affordable than any other alternative in any size or quantity, fiberglass is an ideally versatile material to implement advanced parametric design with, as it transforms into liquid forms efficiently, outperforming competitive materials like corian and wood. Fiberglass is an aesthetical, durable, and sustainable material that has been touted as the lumber of the future. Architects and designers all over the world value GRP (ie Fiberglass) as a material that can transform their most ambitious visions into reality. From Zaha Hadid Architects to Christian de Portzamparc, all of them trust Fiberglass. Its unlimited advantages and its flexibility and durability offer a great competitive advantage against other materials like corian or wood. Fiberglass is the perfect canvas to give substance to the greatest of ideas.