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Inspired by a female Titan, the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys ,DIONE, is a floor lamp weaving together straight and curved lines in a dynamic way. These extreme curves and angles, which are a typical trait in architectural latest advances have now reached out to furniture design. Generating movement and separating itself from of any former trace of over-rigidness, that floor lamp shapes free, delicate and organic lines. Ideal for Outdoor and Indoor use. Lobby, Entraces, Guest Rooms etc.


Constantina Tsiara

Constantina is an architect and designer keen on computational design, digital fabrication and advanced technologies in architecture. Currently she works at Workshop/APD, a New York based architectural firm specializing in innovative luxury home design and high-end commercial development. In the past, she worked or interned at several architecture firms in the US (Emerging Objects), France (EZCT Design & Research) and Greece (Omniview Design, Nimand Architects). She earned a Master of Architecture at UC Berkeley in California, and a degree in Architectural Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. During her studies, she conducted research on generative design and algorithms, 3D printing, robotics and Virtual Reality. Part of her work has been exhibited or published in Athens, London, Paris and San Francisco.


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