Marching Ants Bench


  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors. Easy and cost efficient to install.

  • Dimensions:
    Seating Level: Height = 380 mm
    Length x Width x Height = 104 x 174 x 91 cm, single unit dimensions.
    Length x Width x Height = 104 x 330 x 91 cm, two units composition (Marching Ants).
    Length x Width x Height = 370 x 330 x 91cm, four units composition (Relaxing Ants).

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Marching Ants represents a study on three-dimensional continuity. The benches’ curved and fluid concrete forms are inspired by the works of M.C. Escher and visual
illusions. Functioning as a sitting possibility as well as configuring space, Marching Ants caters people’s needs without overcrowding public space. Its modular structure adapts to different spaces and needs.

Marching Ants Bench

George Drakakis

George Drakakis is an architect based in Thessaloniki, Greece. He designs projects at the border between art and design. His inspiration is a mixture of every-day life events, feelings, emotions, music, visual arts, math and science. As founder of ICONPOETRY Studio, he solves problems through design processes following one simple rule: Form follows satisfaction. George Drakakis has been awarded Gold and Bronze at A’design Award & Competition.

The collection URBAN BENCHES has been awarded Gold at A’design Award & Competition.

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