Onyx BenchBench

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Seat height = 430 mm
Seat depth = 430 mm
Seat width = 960 mm
Backrest height = 300 mm
Leaning ledge height = 700 - 770 mm
Bench height at tallest point = 1250 mm
Overall length = 4820 mm
Overall width = 4200 mm
Entrance width = 1800 mm
Support leg diameter = 150 mm

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Onyx Bench was inspired by flowing natural forms and undulating and dynamic curves. Designed to accommodate groups of people anytime of the year and during all-weather conditions with its integrated LED lighting system and heated seats, Onyx is a one of a kind bench. The heated seat elements of the design and the vibrant colours emanating from the built-in lighting panels create the mysterious solid surface of the Onyx Bench. Black is a formal, elegant and prestigious colour and was carefully selected for this collection. It evokes strong and overwhelming atmospheric emotions whilst communicating sophistication and prestige.




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