February 28, 2020

Innovation is not just an abstract design concept neither a catchphrase to us.

rnInnovation is not just an abstract design concept neither a catchphrase to us. There are countable, numerous advantages in the usage of GRP as our primary material that justify this choice and manifest its ‘smart’ qualities.rnrnBesides its high-end feel and sleek look, here is to its technical advantagesrnrnSound Deadening:rnGRP aka fibreglass provides superior acoustical properties when compared to plastic or metal, various types of sound deadening material can be laminated in between high strength layers of fibreglass matt to achieve the preferred level of sound deadening. GRP exhibits a great deal of ¬†dimensional stability and the least amount of expansion and/or contraction when compared to other materialsrnBonding in of Fixings & Peripheral Components:rnDuring the moulding process big head fastenings and threaded inserts can be located and bonded in, this allows for peripherals like control panels, and other sub-mouldings and components to be fixed precisely and quickly reducing assemble time and cost.rnrnLast but not least, GRP components require very little or even zero maintenance as they do not rust, decompose or fall apart. So, forget all costly maintenance associated with repairing or replacing expensive components.rnrnStand out. Dare to innovate. Choose INOMO.

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