February 2, 2017

We don’t like preaching but when it comes to our clients best interest there are a few things to be said about INOMOs advanced material,  GRP (Glass reinforced Plastic), also known as fiberglass.

#1 Freedom of form. 

Design aficionados will be astonished by the immense flexibility it offers. Simply speaking, the unique physical properties of fiberglass allow it to be easily molded and manufactured to meet almost any specification with few constraints in size, shape, color or finish. 

#2 Affordability. 

When it comes to affordability and versatility in usage INOMOs fiberglass outperforms most materials and presents an impressive alternative material of great value. Its lightweight strength of Fiberglass has made it into a popular choice for designers and manufacturers. It’s reduced weight and minimal maintenance requirements make it attractive while more and more sectors are discovering its benefits; from construction, to leisure-, automotive, aerospace and transport industries. Simply impressive. 

#3 Endurance. 

Here is something that last. Fibreglass is non-corrosive and is an excellent choice over metal, wood, or plastic. It provides resistance to ultra violet light, extreme temperatures, salt air, and a variety of chemicals. Especially thanks to its resistance against chemical fiberglass offers an economical alternative even to stainless steel

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