April 18, 2017

Few days ago we were honoured to invited by SBC Channel, to talk about the concept of INOMO and how the tradition of fiberglass manufacturing know-how can be transformed into a new design paradigm.

Upon the knowledge of our specialized technician’s 40-years- experience in fiberglass manufacturing, INOMO has been created to cater today’s living needs in the form of furniture (INOMO Collections) and advanced spatial design solutions (INOMO Studio) influenced by abstract minimalism. Liquid shapes and the redefinition of form identifies as the statement look of all INOMO designs and sleekness as well as high-end feel counts as their primary testament of high-quality synthetic fibre manufacturing.

Watch our founder, Vivian Paraschou discussing with Iro Rantou the qualities of  INOMOs advanced GRP parametric design products and why INOMO offers a unique value for the hospitality industry in regions like Cycladic Greece.

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