A collection designed by Manos Tsikliotis for INOMO inspired by the movement of the waves in the Mediterranean sea. A summer collection reflecting the calmness and casualness of the universal appeal of the sea.
A collection of 3 outdoor daybeds with revolutionary design. The daybeds can be installed at home, on the sand or afloat, into the sea securely anchored in shallow water or into the pool.

The collection aims to offer a new, unique, experience to the customer as it is the first floating daybed collection. WAVES Collection brings the comfort and the quality of interior furniture to outdoor use without losing it’s original qualities.

Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.


Manos Tsikliotis

Manos Tsikliotis in an interior designer based in Thessaloniki, Greece.  Owner of Tsiklioti custom sofas, he leads a design team and manufacture tailor made upholstery masterpieces. His inspiration is the nature. The forms, the different colors, the textures and the reflections of the light in natural objects.

The collaboration with Inomo design is a chance to merge the design skills and the manufacture in order to provide fiberglass unique products, that combine the two brands philosophy.